I am awake and don't want to be. My fucking turtles never let me sleep, swear. If Thom can't crawl out the top of the aquarium, then by God, he's going to make as much noise as he can trying to. Why do all of my pets try to escape?

Anyway...Anderson Cooper! Yes. I spent much time at home deliberating on just the right thing to wear before realizing that there just weren't clothes in the universe perfect enough. *wishes it was winter...I do winter better* Did the three and a half hour drive in two and a half...the road was not as busy as I thought it would be. Then, I got completely lost on Sunset. It is impossible to look for something while driving down that road. I was trying to stay with traffic so as not to incur the wrath from high atop the thing (you know, other drivers). I finally found the place because of the massive yellow and red sign that said ANDERSON COOPER!

I was there three hours early...found a parking place many many blocks away. I went in and got my book and on the way out, saw this woman looking lost. She asked me where the book signing was going to be. I had seen signs saying it was next door in this thing called the Addendum. She was trying to figure out how she'd get in without a ticket and since mine was for two (and I'd been bailed on), I told her she could stand with me. Her name was Joy...she was lovely. She had been listening to Ryan Seacrest on her way to work, heard Andy was in town, and turned around and called in to work. And she paid $10 for me to park in the Viper Room parking lot next door!

Met some awesome people in line....first [livejournal.com profile] yitzhak_groupie, who had a higher number than me. And then [livejournal.com profile] understandish, who wore the amazing "Anderson Cooper gives me a boner" shirt that she made. I had said before that I was worried it would embarass him. Based on what I saw of his reaction, I can now say I WAS WRONG! (*sorry* And hi! *waves at new LJ friends*)

Anyway...you came for the Anderson bits and I'm just rambling. I will say, this was the most poorly organized shit. They had us line up - "People with tickets" and "People without who had no chance in hell but could wait anyway". They told us not to line up in ticket order. Then they said we should line up in ticket order....WTF? Then, they shoved as many of the ticketed people into the tiny signing room as possible to hear him speak...after which, they asked us all to get back in the order we came in, like that was even possible (especially since, as we walked in, they took our fucking tickets away). Anyway..../rant.

Anderson came out and spoke for a minute about the book. Seriously...best looking person I've ever seen. And Ted was a good looking man in person....but Anderson. Perfect skin, the bluest eyes. Dear Lord. *takes a moment* Anyway, I don't remember a lot of what he said. Mostly I remember standing behind a very tall man and not really being able to see. At one point, he did say something like "This book is very personal...although not as personal as some people would have liked." Yes folks...he's totally gay. But we knew that. Also, "It's nice to be in a bookstore without Ann Coulter books." A guy in the crowd shouted, "I took care of that for you!" and he said something like "Thanks....no, there's a place for everyone." to which AudienceGuy said, "Not her!" and Andy giggled his cute little giggle.

Then I watched as the Book Soup assholes shoved us up to him and out the door as quickly as they could manage to. I was trying to watch the people I'd met meet him...I barely got to see [livejournal.com profile] yitzhak_groupie go up...and didn't see Joy meet him at all. I was, however, front and center for the glory of [livejournal.com profile] understandish's experience. Andy saw the shirt and did a total double take. She said something like, "Yeah...that's what it says." and he said in the cutest way possible, "Haha...I'm scandalized!". Brilliant!

My *brief* encounter of the Anderson kind...
Anderson *shaking my hand*: Hi Heather!
Me: Hello.
Anderson *notices Post-It says Jessica*: Jessica?
Me: Yes...I'm getting this signed for my sister.
Anderson: Oh, that's nice!
Me: Yeah...we're actually reading your father's book together right now.
Anderson *looking surprised*: Really? Where did you find it? (The book is out of print.)
Me: Academic library. My sister is an adjunct professor at a college.
Anderson *nodding*: Well, don't steal it.
Me: Hmmm....but it is autographed.
*Anderson giggles* (Made him giggle...can die now)
Anderson: Thanks for coming.
Me: Thank you!

And then I'm shuffled out into the parking lot by the Book Police. [livejournal.com profile] understandish took me, [livejournal.com profile] yitzhak_groupie and her friend Molly out for In-N-Out (*wishes there was one around here*)....and then I made it home in record time.

Thanks for loaning me the camera, [livejournal.com profile] axusus. Problem - it was still doing that blurry thing and thus, I have no pictures. I'll return your camera tomorrow afternoon on my way to work because right now I am a. broke and b. fucking tired. I may try to steal one or two from other people who went and post them later, just so ya'll can see what we saw. Oh God...everyone should get to see what we saw. Gorgeous!

[livejournal.com profile] nivcharayahel - I love you!


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