It has taken me awhile to get around to posting this stuff... [ profile] chelsea_doll and I went to Coachella Music Fest last Friday. We saw bits and pieces of a number of performances: Satellite Party, which is Perry Farrell's new band (who knew?); Of Montreal, all glammed out; Tilly and the Wall; Jarvis Cocker, who was late but was so adorable that it didn't matter; Peaches, whose songs are mighty repetitive but all kinds of hilarious.

We also caught the entire set for a band called Circa Survive. They were on before Rufus Wainwright (our main attraction) and we wanted a good spot for him. They were loud and their lead singer had a dreadfully annoying voice.

Random bits from the day...

- I had no idea that Danny DeVito goes to Coachella.
- This kid was lying on the ground, high on ecstacy, and he told me that I am going to be alright. I've decided to believe him.
- Churros are delicious and I would like another.
- Many people should not have been wearing what they were wearing.
- People on the road to Coachella really like putting signs in their windows alerting you to their destination.

So yes... Rufus Wainwright. We were right up front, right against the barrier. He was facing us, so we could always see his face as he sang.... and it was just incredible. He was so funny, so fabulous. His setlist (or what I can remember of it) with downloads (album versions, not live alas):

Release The Stars
Going to a Town
14th Street
The Art Teacher
Gay Messiah
Beautiful Child
Pretty Things
....and at least one other song from the new album.

It was incredible. I mean, it was religious. I started crying in the middle of "Gay Messiah" and didn't stop until "Pretty Things" was over. And now that I've heard "Beautiful Child" live, I don't think I will ever be the same. Just... wow. It was incredible. Did I mention it was incredible? Because it was.

Rufus pictures taken by Chelsea )

The best thing Rufus said all night: "I'm like faggy Sinatra."
On Saturday, we went to the LA Times Festival of Books. We were there with one main goal: to see Ted Allen from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

I wish I had a better recollection of the things he said. He was on the cooking stage... he made lamb burgers with a yogurt sauce, along with a really delicious looking blue cheese cole slaw. He took questions from the audience, was witty as always. At one point, there was a woman trying to ask him something who didn't have the microphone. He jumped off the stage and ran back to her. It was sexy (when he jumped).

I really love this man. Truly.

Teddie photos taken by Chelsea )

After the presentation, we made our way to the signing area. I gave him another mix, which went over well. He didn't recognize me at first... I didn't think he would, honestly. When he saw the CD, he knew it was me. He gave me a hug (still smells fantastic). It was wonderful. And Chelsea gave him wine, which he appreciated as well. With us, he knows he will always be given music and booze. Clearly, we're fantastic.

Me and Ted... a MUCH better photo than last time )

All in all... this weekend was fantastic. I really needed the getaway. I had an incredible time with Chelsea, who I always have an incredible time with. I got to see Ted again, which is something I'd wanted. And I got to see Rufus Wainwright, who I'm now dying to see do a full set. Thanks to Chelsea, who paid for everything and made this a weekend I will never forget. How's the sunburn, btw? Is yours getting any better?


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