queer_theory: (MOVIES - just take the picture)
( Jun. 13th, 2007 08:22 pm)
I feel like I'm in a shitty American remake of 28 Days Later. Except that I was awake when it happened. And there's no Cillian Murphy or Naomie Harris or anyone nearly as sexy. I've shut myself in at my parent's house. I can only hope that they are okay... They were at work and I can't get ahold of them now. I can't get through to the house in Hanford either. I'm hoping the roommates are muddling through. Lemoore is completely locked down.... Benefits of having a military base, I suppose. That hasn't stopped them from getting through, whatever they are. From everything I'm seeing online, I'm thinking zombies... but that seems far too much like something you see in movies. I always wanted to live in a movie. I should have been more specific.

Check in with me, folks... if you're online. I'm seeing blog entries here and there. I hope you're all okay.



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