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So. I swore to myself that my next post would be something real and not a meme, but then [livejournal.com profile] imparfait posted this meme that I really like the look of. Memes... I just can't quit you.

Nameless meme is nameless, but it's about growing up. Childhood Meme? Memories Meme? Why The Fuck Did You Have To Go There Meme? Whatever... Here it is:


1. What year were you born? 1982

2. Where did your parents live when you were born? Lancaster, CA

3. Did you have any older siblings or a twin? At the time, no. When my father remarried, I ended up with two older step-siblings. And later on, I developed a relationship with my older half-sister.

4. What was your first word? My father told me this once, but I don't remember. I think it was "mama."

5. What did your parents name you? Heather Marie. Marie is my birth mother's oldest sister. And Heather... My father says that my mother had come up with a list of names that she was interested in and let him pick one. Heather was the only "normal" name in the bunch.

6. By the time you were two, did you have any toddler buddies? Probably? I don't remember much about being that age.

7. What was one of your favourite toys when you were a toddler? I really loved the boxes things came in. And I had a Big Wheel that I used to ride around the tool store my father worked at. I had a stuffed bear (that I still have, actually) that I really loved. Beyond that, I don't know.

8. Are you able to remember anything specific from when you were a toddler? I don't remember much, but I have a few very clear memories of life with my father. He had custody of me after the divorce, and I remember things like riding on his motorcycle and helping him put together a cage for my rabbit. And I have a few memories of being taken away from him and put into foster care (a subject I've spoken about in a bit more detail here).

9. Did you go to preschool? If so, where? I don't know if I did.

10. Were you rebellious or well-behaved as a young child? Stubborn as hell, but well-behaved.

11. Did you see more of your parents or your babysitter when you were this age? I was probably with a babysitter more, but I don't remember the babysitter at all. And my parents were divorced, so I didn't see my birth mother very often.

12. What was a favourite treat of yours? I really loved milk. Just plain milk. It was probably my favorite thing in the world when I was a kid.

13. Were you able to tolerate horror movies as a four-year-old? I had no desire to watch them at that age. I was pretty fragile, so I doubt I would have handled them well.

14. Did you have a new sibling by the time you were four? I'm the youngest.

Kindergarten onward... )


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