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This is tough. A couple of shows immediately came to mind, and immediately, I thought of reasons why that would be silly to do.

Strangers With Candy... It was so funny, so brilliant. I loved all of the characters. I loved Chuck/Geoffrey. But where would they have gone next? And would the OT3 be where they each are today if the show had continued?

That last thought leads to the next show I thought of, Sports Night. It ended on such an untidy, unclear note. It just ended... I wanted more. But Peter Krause went on to do Six Feet Under. Felicity Huffman has had quite a bit of success. Joshua Malina was on The West Wing later. And would the show have gotten the attention it deserved from Aaron Sorkin now that he was working on a different (and ultimately more successful) show? Doubtful. He only knows how to do one show at a time.

Firefly? Wonderfalls? I didn't watch them when they were on.

There is only one choice left.... Arrested Development. I can't think of any reason beyond my love for it, but it's the only thing I can't eliminate.


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